Holiday 2015! Baby It’s Warm Outside!

Holiday 2015 Sweet Casual Style

The holidays are getting very close!  My son Ben has his own countdown going on as every 5¹⁄² year old does!  We celebrate both, Hannukah and Christmas, so he is a very lucky boy!

Above are some of my favorite ornaments and we added some new ones in the lower right because Ben and I love to play tennis and he is learning to skate so he can play hockey next year!

2015 Christmas Tree

Here is our tree!  We decided {well, it was Ben’s idea!} to move our tree this year to our family room vs. our living room.  It was a great idea since this is where we spend most of our time!

Holiday Family Room

This is one of our favorite rooms in our house!  It is nice and bright but also cozy {one of my favorite words} too!

Enjoy the holidays with everyone you love…family, friends, pets, loved ones & maybe you will meet someone new this season…♥

Maybe wishful thinking on my part!  XO Corry


I created my dream kitchen! before & after!


♥ a true labor of love! ♥

I am so grateful for my home.  Every single day when my son Ben and I pull in our driveway…we both say, Home Sweet Home!

I am excited to share before and after photos from my kitchen remodel!  I was able to save a lot of money on the cabinets by just putting a fresh coat of bright white paint and new hardware that I actually got from Target!

So this first picture is from 5 years ago so you can see the original color of the cabinets before I painted them…very country & too much clutter back then (not my thing!!) and Ben was just a baby!


So…I had a lot of dark appliances and “beautiful” {lol} mauve color formica countertops and I never realized how small they made the kitchen feel!  We inherited them when we bought the house 10 years ago…wow have things changed!  Now, I am divorced, my son is 5 and I am in renovation heaven!  I love projects!

Here are a few more before shots…

{you can see my little guy hanging over my dutch door} I love these doors…I have another one in the kitchen leading to the mudroom!



Here it goes…when I created this kitchen, bright, light and fresh were words that came to mind when I started planning.  I’ve always loved white carrara marble even though everyone told me not to go for it and of course, I did anyway!  I also went for simplicity with white subway tile for the backsplash.




this sweet butter dish comes from Magnolia Market!

Joanna & Chip Gaines from hgtv’s Fixer Upper inspire me everyday!

This is their online marketplace!  You have to check it out!


I decided to go with GE Cafe series stainless steel appliances.  I also took out the cabinets that used to be above the range and added in the microwave so I wouldn’t have to have it on the countertops.  I also splurged for the double oven!  Thanksgiving at my house!!


I really love these window seats!  The snack drawer is on the right and I have so much storage!  I decided to have new seat covers made with this beautiful diamond fabric in fog from Serena & Lily!

kitchen collage

Check out my sweet boy!

and I love this other dutch door…I keep it open all of the time!


PLEASE let me know what you think!!!

I also remodeled my bathroom last year – take a look!


bathroom before

this project needed to happen!  I have no words for the before photos…so let’s just focus on the after.  I got the kensington pivot oval mirror, lighting fixture, mini-sink console with carrara marble… all from Potterybarn.

The flooring, which I love is from Home Depot!



And…the powder room/laundry room remodel!!


before laundry



Thank you for reading!  ♥ Corry

inspired! magnolia homes & fixer upper!


I am obsessed and greatly inspired by Joanna and Chip Gaines!

A few months ago, as I was beginning to think about remodeling my kitchen, I was obsessing over kitchen & bath magazines and watching way too much HGTV!

Then I came across Fixer Upper…my new favorite show!

I love their style and it is amazing how they are able to truly turn around homes and spaces with such simple and fresh design!  They have a lot of fun doing it for the families on the show and they are also a super cute couple and they make the show a lot of fun to watch!  Joanna has really inspired my own design and I am so excited as I take on a few design/remodel projects of my own with my kitchen and bathroom.  I plan on updating my blog with before and after photos after the countertop install on May 22nd!

Stay tuned!

In the meantime…please check out Magnolia Homes site, their cool blog and amazing online store filled with hand selected products inspired by their own sweet casual style! ♥

Check out their site at Magnolia Homes!

I was so inspired by Joanna’s Blog and the ” Magnolia Market“…

Look what I bought!!

magnolia homes

feather necklace $54

framed “dolly” horse head $150

menu blackboard $21

“by wisdom” sign $88


glass butter dish $18

there is so much to choose from!

I am going to try and bake this…

♥ strawberry lemonade ice cream pie ♥ …totally up my alley!

strawberry lemonade

XO, Corry

Valentine’s Day is coming…All You Need Is Love


♥ Happy Valentine’s Day ♥

This beautiful floral arrangement is from Olive & Cocoa and eat your ♥ out with their heart ♥ windowpane cookies below…yum!!

Check out a few of my favorite items for Valentine’s Day or honestly…for any day.  For those of you who don’t have anyone special in your life right now – I would buy yourself one of these special treats for yourself!  ♥


these perfect gluten free cookies {$48 for 2 dozen} will come in a beautiful keepsake wooden gift box that is another gift in itself that keeps on giving…♥

You could also make your own card for someone special…your best friend or for your kids or parents!  You can do this for any holiday, birthday or just because….

go to cardstore right now & make your own!

another favorite place for very cute Valentine’s Day gifts is paper source!  ♥

adorable treats for the little ones…

kids paper source

1.  ♥ Heart Sunglasses $4.95

2.  Valentine’s Mini Boo $15.95

3.  Airplanes Valentine’s {28 count} $14.95 – I got these for Ben!

4.  Chocolate Scratch & Sniff Stickers {40 count} $2.95

for your sweetie…

you are loved

 I love this.  Tell someone special how you feel!

You are Loved art print for $4.95!  {8×10}

V Day

1.  Valentine’s Day Ribbon {3 pack} $9.95

2.  New! Valentine’s Day Umbrella $29.95

3.  Hey Sugar Lips!  Gummies $9.95

4.  What I Love About You Book $13.99

for your special guy…

Guy V Day

1.  Shake – A New Perspective on Cocktails – best gift book ever!

2.  Wood Hammer Multi-Tool $19.95

3.  Obsessive Chef Cutting Board $26.95

4.  I Love You Dad & Here’s Why $19.95

Enjoy Valentine’s Day with the special people in your life…

You don’t even need to buy them anything…

♥ All You Need Is LOVE!! ♥

A perfect weekend & some must haves…

ram's gate

last weekend was one of the best weekends ever!  I went to visit my friend Jill in San Francisco and finally went to Napa & Sonoma!  Before I arrived, Jill sent me a weekend itinerary which was so thoughtful and sweet…and every moment was literally perfect except for the earthquake that woke us up at 3:30am!

We started off at Domaine Carneros with some bubbles!


We headed to one of the best lunches of my life at Brix, a farm to table gem!

We were surrounded by the vineyard and farm to table gardens…just gorgeous…

Order the wood fire grilled artichoke appetizer, mussels and grilled chicken salad!


Beautiful Jilly!

That night we had to get our sushi on, so we went to Morimoto, Napa!

We sat at the sushi bar and had our entire meal “made just for us” ♥


We stayed in Napa and woke up to an amazing brunch at Boon Fly Cafe!

boon fly bar

Boon Fly Cafe…you must have their famous donuts and a bacon bloody mary!

don’t worry, the donuts are tiny, ha!

boon fly cafe

On our way out, we stopped into beautiful Ram’s Gate in Sonoma!


The rest of the weekend was filled with spa, shopping, mani/pedi, lunch, more wine and dinner at Foreign Cinema

we loved the tuna poke so much, we had two orders!


and brunch at Presidio Social Club with more tuna poke!

I absolutely love being a girly-girl and whenever I am spending time with close friends, it is always fun learning of new shops, products, designers, etc…so I will share some of our favs from the weekend that Jill and I shared with each other!

Must Haves!

must haves

sweet casual style

and finally…Jill loved my necklace from JL Rocks so…


in Maui, she found one just for her…love it from De Jung Designs!


I love their stuff and I am going to get this ring next…

which color should I get??!!


Hope you enjoyed a peek into my amazing weekend and new finds!


XO, Corry

blessed & a cute maxi dress…


what a wonderful day I had yesterday with a sweet friend that I have known for almost 20 years!  Jen took this photo of me yesterday in the most beautiful rose gardens in West Hartford, CT.  we had a yummy brunch at the Pond House Cafe (highly recommend the eggs rancheros and bloody of course) and caught up and laughed like we always do about life, family, Ben, work, men, travel and everything else in between!  I could sit and talk to Jen for hours and you would never know she was actually my very first boss out of college!  great memories through the years…love you honey!

As I posted this on Facebook, many asked where I got the maxi dress…

It is from South Moon Under – and it is one of my favs!

It was a great day as we continued on to Nordstroms to shop and then I came home to go through Ben’s room and get ready for his return from Florida.  I have been getting some new school clothes for him and I showed him all of it over Facetime and he loved it all!  each time I go through his room to get rid of the clothes he has outgrown…I cry.  It is just emotional to see your only child get older and it’s amazing how fast it goes.  I love folding his clothes and getting his room organized…may seem strange to some people but when you worked so hard to have a baby and he’s finally here and now 4 years old…you take it all in!  every little detail and every moment.

being a mom to Ben is the greatest gift of my life…this I know for sure.

I cannot believe how much I miss his sweet face.  I miss how much happiness he brings into our home everyday.  I miss him calling out to me, “Mom, can I have a treat”!?  I actually miss the sound of Jake and The Never Land Pirates on my TV…I love him climbing into my bed in the morning asking to cuddle and miss saying our prayers together at night (like I used to with my dad).  “Thank you G-d for everything, G-d bless everyone, Amen”.  I miss my best friend, my #1 guy, the love of my life…

Ben will come home to his mommy tomorrow…I cannot wait!  ♥

being without Ben for 7 days has been hard but I have kept busy!  I have been taking a lot of time for myself right now.  being single is lonely at times,   but I know there is a greater plan for me at some point.  I never imagined I would be divorced but I have a lot of faith and hope to find true love again someday.  I am not in any rush and Ben is and always will be my #1 priority.

our happiness together is what makes me the happiest person in the world.

I know how blessed I am.  everyday.

and, I love my cute (sexy) maxi dress!  ♥


I love lulu dk & jl rocks


check out my favorite ♥ new find…lulu dk tattoos!

 they come in two different amazing sheets of gold and silver shimmer…

la femme and love story ♥

you can buy them at my ultimate favorite store, bungalow in Westport, CT


lulu dk.jpg

I also need to share a jeweler that is just amazing…JL Rocks

and I just bought this beautiful necklace…LOVE!

and of course, I also got this at Bungalow!


a gift of love and honesty…


this past weekend I was fortunate enough to go on a girls get-away trip (without kids) with close, loving, sweet and kind friends.  they also happen to be two of the most beautiful women I know (inside and out).  the weekend was filled with wine, oysters, spa, walks, shopping, beach and ice cream, of course.

oh, and a psychic too.

more importantly was the sharing.  I love when friends can just be rare, open, authentic and real where anything goes.  we posed questions to one another throughout the weekend that prompted some very interesting and fun discussion…one of my friends said it best, “Throughout the course of our weekend, I kept thinking about things that happened for each of us.  Things that we needed to have happen or to be able to openly discuss to give ourselves clarity.  We need to do what is in the best interests for “us” for a change.  Be our own caregivers and champion ourselves.  Look at all the love and support we give to one another, now it is up to us to do the same for someone that we know intimately and love, right?”  I could not have said it better.  Anyway, I ended something this weekend that needed to end.  It was sad for me and I wish things were different but they just aren’t.  I have grown to respect myself and my needs and put myself first.  Sometimes you need to just let go and walk away.  I was courageous enough to begin a difficult conversation with this man and ask some tough questions.  I was ready to hear whatever he had to say.  He was kind, adult and really honest.  It hurt but I give him all of the credit in the world.  It was refreshing.   He had respect for me and my feelings but at the end of the day, he isn’t able to give me what I want and as he said, “what I deserve”.  I wonder if we will ever connect again because it is rare when you have chemistry like we did but as my mom always says…

“it is always about timing.”  That is the truth.

The last thing he text me was,”You’re amazing.

Don’t think for a second that you’re not.”

I will take it.

another one of my best friends gave me the best advice several months ago and I will also keep this forever…”You need to close your eyes and seriously count your blessings and esteem your value.  You are placing value outside of yourself.  This is such an important lesson that we all have.  We don’t have time for lessons, often, as we are so consumed with work, kids, life, house, etc. But you are the most important and you are one fucking kiss ass loving, sweet, wonderful person.  That is the lesson.  You are you.  I love you and you are deserving of an amazing love (mostly from you to you) and trust me, you will have it.  All that you wish for.”

I am a very lucky woman and probably the most grateful for the people in my life and for the lessons all of my experiences have taught me along the way.  hopefully I will grow from each of these experiences and listen to the wisdom of the girlfriends who know me the best.  Nothing better than that.  ♥

lift off…to summer!



I love these pics I found on tkees website (one of my favorite flip flop brands)!

they have so many news styles & collections!   check them out!


I don’t know about you but I am so ready for spring & summer!

here are some of my favorite items for the warm weather…enjoy ♥


check out these cute, fun and sexy bracelets from kate davis jewelry!  I customized my own above and have already started wearing them…hoping it will bring the warm weather!


these are my ultimate favorite shorts from calypso st barth

they were so popular last year that you can still get them now!


I love my Ray-Ban caravan sunglasses…they are much smaller and fit great!

Find them at singer22!

♥ Enjoy!  XO Corry ♥

gratitude and a smile

strawberry margarita

{pink, strawberry margaritas…sign me up!}

in times that are sad or tough or uncertain, I tend to write gratitude lists to focus on all the amazing, good stuff in my life.  I am about to finalize my divorce right now and I have a little boy in pre-school and he is my world…I never want him to worry or be sad or upset.  My focus is our happiness in our new world…our new structure…our new normal.  and, he is (we both are) doing great and that makes me happy.  I am so fortunate to have a great friendship with my ex.  I could go on and on why I am grateful but here are a few other things I came across tonight that just made me happy and smile.  I hope you enjoy!

Life is good.  xo Corry

kate davis

Kate Davis Jewelry – I am obsessed.  Boy, is she going to love me!

I’ve already picked out several pieces I will be buying!  LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!


how sweet are these beauties?


heaven, perhaps?


beautiful, natural beach waves – just gorgeous…yes, I have a girl crush on her!  ♥