Holiday 2015! Baby It’s Warm Outside!

Holiday 2015 Sweet Casual Style

The holidays are getting very close!  My son Ben has his own countdown going on as every 5¹⁄² year old does!  We celebrate both, Hannukah and Christmas, so he is a very lucky boy!

Above are some of my favorite ornaments and we added some new ones in the lower right because Ben and I love to play tennis and he is learning to skate so he can play hockey next year!

2015 Christmas Tree

Here is our tree!  We decided {well, it was Ben’s idea!} to move our tree this year to our family room vs. our living room.  It was a great idea since this is where we spend most of our time!

Holiday Family Room

This is one of our favorite rooms in our house!  It is nice and bright but also cozy {one of my favorite words} too!

Enjoy the holidays with everyone you love…family, friends, pets, loved ones & maybe you will meet someone new this season…♥

Maybe wishful thinking on my part!  XO Corry


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