Valentine’s Day is coming…All You Need Is Love


♥ Happy Valentine’s Day ♥

This beautiful floral arrangement is from Olive & Cocoa and eat your ♥ out with their heart ♥ windowpane cookies below…yum!!

Check out a few of my favorite items for Valentine’s Day or honestly…for any day.  For those of you who don’t have anyone special in your life right now – I would buy yourself one of these special treats for yourself!  ♥


these perfect gluten free cookies {$48 for 2 dozen} will come in a beautiful keepsake wooden gift box that is another gift in itself that keeps on giving…♥

You could also make your own card for someone special…your best friend or for your kids or parents!  You can do this for any holiday, birthday or just because….

go to cardstore right now & make your own!

another favorite place for very cute Valentine’s Day gifts is paper source!  ♥

adorable treats for the little ones…

kids paper source

1.  ♥ Heart Sunglasses $4.95

2.  Valentine’s Mini Boo $15.95

3.  Airplanes Valentine’s {28 count} $14.95 – I got these for Ben!

4.  Chocolate Scratch & Sniff Stickers {40 count} $2.95

for your sweetie…

you are loved

 I love this.  Tell someone special how you feel!

You are Loved art print for $4.95!  {8×10}

V Day

1.  Valentine’s Day Ribbon {3 pack} $9.95

2.  New! Valentine’s Day Umbrella $29.95

3.  Hey Sugar Lips!  Gummies $9.95

4.  What I Love About You Book $13.99

for your special guy…

Guy V Day

1.  Shake – A New Perspective on Cocktails – best gift book ever!

2.  Wood Hammer Multi-Tool $19.95

3.  Obsessive Chef Cutting Board $26.95

4.  I Love You Dad & Here’s Why $19.95

Enjoy Valentine’s Day with the special people in your life…

You don’t even need to buy them anything…

♥ All You Need Is LOVE!! ♥



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