blessed & a cute maxi dress…


what a wonderful day I had yesterday with a sweet friend that I have known for almost 20 years!  Jen took this photo of me yesterday in the most beautiful rose gardens in West Hartford, CT.  we had a yummy brunch at the Pond House Cafe (highly recommend the eggs rancheros and bloody of course) and caught up and laughed like we always do about life, family, Ben, work, men, travel and everything else in between!  I could sit and talk to Jen for hours and you would never know she was actually my very first boss out of college!  great memories through the years…love you honey!

As I posted this on Facebook, many asked where I got the maxi dress…

It is from South Moon Under – and it is one of my favs!

It was a great day as we continued on to Nordstroms to shop and then I came home to go through Ben’s room and get ready for his return from Florida.  I have been getting some new school clothes for him and I showed him all of it over Facetime and he loved it all!  each time I go through his room to get rid of the clothes he has outgrown…I cry.  It is just emotional to see your only child get older and it’s amazing how fast it goes.  I love folding his clothes and getting his room organized…may seem strange to some people but when you worked so hard to have a baby and he’s finally here and now 4 years old…you take it all in!  every little detail and every moment.

being a mom to Ben is the greatest gift of my life…this I know for sure.

I cannot believe how much I miss his sweet face.  I miss how much happiness he brings into our home everyday.  I miss him calling out to me, “Mom, can I have a treat”!?  I actually miss the sound of Jake and The Never Land Pirates on my TV…I love him climbing into my bed in the morning asking to cuddle and miss saying our prayers together at night (like I used to with my dad).  “Thank you G-d for everything, G-d bless everyone, Amen”.  I miss my best friend, my #1 guy, the love of my life…

Ben will come home to his mommy tomorrow…I cannot wait!  ♥

being without Ben for 7 days has been hard but I have kept busy!  I have been taking a lot of time for myself right now.  being single is lonely at times,   but I know there is a greater plan for me at some point.  I never imagined I would be divorced but I have a lot of faith and hope to find true love again someday.  I am not in any rush and Ben is and always will be my #1 priority.

our happiness together is what makes me the happiest person in the world.

I know how blessed I am.  everyday.

and, I love my cute (sexy) maxi dress!  ♥



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