A Place of Yes!

I am so excited to share this post…because I met Bethenny Frankel tonight at her book signing in Union Square in Manhattan!  She was amazing, gracious, hilarious, open, real and sweet.  I was very excited to go and support her in my own little way [not that she has any clue who I am] but she does cherish her fans!  I love how her innovation and ideas have come to life for her and she has made things happen for herself, her business and her family.  She is a self starter and someone who has truly persevered through a lot to get to her own “Place of Yes”!  I am inspired for sure and I am only just through the first chapter of her book and I am hooked.  **She signed my copy**!  I got to talk to her for a quick minute but was able to share how much me and my friends love her and how she does inspire me…and how I can identify with her a lot.  I also showed her a picture of my son Ben on my blackberry and I told her I think we should hook him up with her daughter Bryn!  I told her about my blog and how she has inspired it because she embodies sweet casual style (don’t worry…I didn’t tell her that tonight, lol) but she told me to tweet or facebook her about it, which I have and hopefully she will like it!  I loved how when I gave her a mega millions lotto ticket tonight [that got her attention I think] she told me that she already won the lottery.  Simply stated – she understands the true value in what she has and everything she has worked hard for.  She knows it is all hard work and not without sacrifice at times and I can totally relate.  It is also such a release at the end of a long day to come home, put on Bravo and watch Bethenny Ever After…I absolutely can’t wait to get home and see what will happen next!  I only really watched the Housewives of New York because she was on it.  I am glad she walked away from all of the drama.  She has earned her own show and has amazing fans!  There were over 900 people at her book signing tonight!  It was so much fun to meet such a great, amazing person tonight who I admire a ton!  I hope you pick up her new book, A Place of Yes” and enjoy as much I am!  xo Corry

From Bethenny…“A Place of Yes” will take you on the path I took to get here. You don’t have to want what I wanted, which was to have a career and find love. Maybe you want something completely different. Whatever it is, no matter how simple or complicated, this book will help you get whatever you want out of your life while staying completely true to yourself at all times.”



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