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I LOVE Nancy Meyer’s films…these are a few of my ultimate favs.  when I think about Nancy Meyer’s films…I feel she epitomizes sweet casual style.  when ever I am watching one of these films, I want the wardrobe, I want the homes, music, linens, food, designer, all of it.  her style is woven through all of her films… it is simple, clean, casual, beautiful, cozy, warm, fresh and dreamy…here are a few of my favorite rooms from the Holiday, Something’s Gotta Give & it’s Complicated

the Holiday

this was Iris” cottage home in Surrey…loved this cozy home with the fire place always lit and the romance that came alive in this tiny little, lovely home…I loved everything about this movie – I own it and me and my friend Leslie can watch it every weekend in front of the fire…I love all of the characters and Jude Law was a treat!  Some of my favorite scenes are when Amanda is waiting for Graham in the pub with a cozy glass of red looking gorgeous as ever (they both did, actually) I love when they are at lunch on their date/interview…too cute.  I LOVE the scene when she is grocery shopping in that adorable store, drinking a bottle of wine and grabbing all kinds of goods & cheese of course!

Cameron Diaz’ character, Amanda had this killer home in LA that was so crisp, clean and organized!  I envied her organization and type-a living.  the design of this home was so “in control” … which mirrored how the character tried to control her feelings which ultimately didn’t allow her to feel and not cry since the age of 15…sad really but an amazing home regardless!  Amanda’s wardrobe (sweaters/coats) were unbelievable.

Something's Gotta Give

Something’s Gotta Give is my ultimate dream home…the style, the beauty, the beach makes it the perfect home.  the blues & whites screamed beach house and

this room was grand…the striped rug anchored the room in a way that made it cozy even though it was huge.  the french doors to the beach were one of my favorite parts of the room.  I loved when the storm came and Harry & Erica had their first kiss. 

the kitchens in every one of her movies take your breath away and convince you that you can become an amazing cook…

it's Complicated

this movie focused a large part on her specialty, cooking and baking…which I love ♥ &  her kitchen redesign…and I feel like we missed out on seeing the new kitchen in the end…but the old one didn’t disappoint.  and I loved her bakery.  the meals she created for her family and for her date at home with Adam, the architect…were amazing.



  1. What a great post!! Last Saturday I finally watched Its Complicated with my Sotnos (he actually thinks her movies are OK – which secretly means he likes them)! Today, in between my writing breaks I have been watching Its Complicated – AGAIN! You are so right Meyers cinematography is so simple yet so chic – and I also LOVE the music and locations she selects! Great images and one of many great posts! Thanks for the inspiration Sweet Casual Style! xo

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