this blog is not just about materialistic things and places to shop.  it is a place to hopefully be inspired and share with each other.  my father taught me and instilled four of the most important things in life – gratitude, honesty, humility and faith (in no particular order of importance)!  these foundations of how i live my life have helped me through very difficult times…I truly hope I will be able to help at least one person in some way…along the way

October 26, 2010

my blog started a few weeks ago, and while I love to share great shops, products, sites, blogs, etc with you…I also want to share some of my stories that will hopefully, in some way…help someone.

I will share some day to day stories of being a full-time working mom…and share stories about how having the most incredible family, in-laws, friends anyone could ever ask for…has helped me through some difficult times.

I hope we can all share stories together and learn from each other about how to get through the tough times, leaning on each other and those around you, knowing there is a light at the end of what ever tunnel you are going in…and coming out of.

faith in general is very powerful.  learning about gratitude and giving to those you love, all of the time – – and never expecting anything in return.  having gratitude puts everything into perspective.

please come back and tell your friends that this is a site where you can share stories or some days just look at beautiful things and shop too!

 thank you for allowing me to open up my heart and life to you………enjoy!


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